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Coal and Lignite | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10197379
1 Supply Of Vacuum Cleaner. | Due on 17-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Aluminium | Orissa | TID: 10406077
2 Supply of Diesel Engine Operated Industrial Sweeping Machine. | Due on 21-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Tamil Nadu | TID: 10502832
3 Supply of vacuum cleaner. | Due on 18-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10524693
4 Procurement of Modern Servicing Garage equipment, grease pump, double gun car washer, oil pump complete, 5 hp air compressor with accessories (air hose assembly +, reducing valve assembly), drain mobile, hydraulic hoist 8 ton, oil hose reel, hydraulic host 4 ton, giant sprayer | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Insurance Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10544955
5 Empanelment of firms/suppliers/service providers, Civil Work including painting/wooden/Sanitary & Plumbing Work, Electrical Works, C.C.T.V & other security gadgets, Pest Control, Fire Fighting /Fire Alarm Equipments, Electrical appliances Air-conditioner, Water cooler, stabilizer, Air-Cooler, Electric Kettle, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaner, Geyser, Heater/blower, Water Purifier, Office furniture, Iron Racks, Cash Box, Safe, Library book shelves, Cabinets, table, chairs, modular furniture etc, Note Counting machine & Fake Note Detectors, EPABX, Fax, Telephone/networking instruments, Franking machine, GSM machine (electronic), Glow Sign/Sign Board/Flex-Banners, Xerox copying services, Servo stabilizer, Courier Services, Travel Agents for Railways/Air tickets | Due on 02-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Shipping | Goa | TID: 10570026
6 Supply, Testing and commissioning of Heavy duty Motorized sweeping machine with accessories Multi Utility Industrial Power Sweeper as per Technical specification | Due on 08-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Karnataka | TID: 10594081
7 Auction Sale Of E Waste Items, Cables Items, Mast & General Iron Items, Battery Items, , Inverter, Ups, Static Inverter, Window Ac Units With Stabilizer, A/C Unit Split Type, Window Ac Units With Stablizer , 256 Rax Stablizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer , Servo Max Stabilizer , 12v Avr Charger, 12 V Battery Charger , Sevomax Stabilizer, Power Panel (Small), Line Terminal Panel, Lt Panel 5.5'x5.25, Vacuum Cleaner, Bpl Vaccume Claener 800w, Auto A/C Stabilizer, Epb-Telephones, Hand Micro Telephones, Coin Box Instruments, Std Pt Monitor, Milt Channel Modems, Cot Unit 1/14 -Main Rack, Rt Boxes 5+4 Nos 1/14, 256 Cdot Printers, Sbm Rax Distrubation Panel, Ccm Card (Burnt), Ccm Cards, Cdot 256 Mp Panel, Adp, Cdot Cards, Lcc Cards , Cdot Console, Cdot Monitor, Ilt Cards, Cdot Memory Cards , Ccm Cards, Isp & Cntl Cards, Cm Cabinate L Type With 4 Card Cages, Cml &Tubes With Mb, Mother Board, Mother Board Frames, Cdot Mother Board Pcb Rsu,Rax Interface, Isp Cards, Cdot Cards, Lcc Cards, Lcc Cards (Burnt), Lcc/Ccm/Dts Cards, Cdot Exchange Cards, Trk Card, Psu Cards, Lcc Cards, Pcbs, Dtc (Cdot Trunk Bm Card), Pcb Cards Faulty, Clck, Swch , Psu, Vcp, Vde, Vhc, Console, Console Vdu, Console (Monitor +Ekb), Rsu Console With Key Board, Console With Accessories, Iop Console, Cdot Mbm Consoles, Cdot Mbm Consoles-Key Boards, Ivrs, Vdus, Vdu, Frs-Pc&Its Accessories(Cerebra), Computer Sets, Computer Set (Cpu , Key Bd & Mouse), Printers, Computer, Monitor ,Keyboard &Mouse, Cpu, Sfmss Pc & Terminal, Smc, Monitor & Cpu, Electronic Keboard, Monotor, Mouse, Printer, Fax Machines, Modi Xerox Machine, Toshiba Xerox Machine, Modi Xerox Machine, Fwt Lst 230 Model, Fwt Lst 2608 Model, Fwt Antenna, I/D Fwt Antenna, Fwt , Ifwt, Ifwt, Fwt/Ifwt, Fwt Without Charger, Wll System, O D Antenna Wll, Ifwt Wll, Lg Fwt , Lg Wll Terminal, Ifwt, Wll Old Lg Box, Wll Antenna(Big Size), Wll Antenna(Small Size), Wll Smps W/O Bty, Cordect Wll Wallset, Frs Cordect With Battery, Wll 12v Smps Charger With Battery, Wll 12v Smps Charger Without Battery&Control Card, Switching Power Supply(Wll Charger), Wll Charger With Bty, Smps 12v Charger Wll, Patch Panel Antena, Antena Coupler Unit, Control Unit, Wll Antenna, Wll Chargers, Wll Chargers, Wll Chargers, Wll Smps, Wll Patch Panel, Wll Phones, 12v Smps Charger (Wll), 12v/7ah Cordect Charger, Wll Ifwt, Wll Ifwt, 12v/7ah Wll Smps, Switched Ps Unit Ifwt, 12 V Wll Smps Charger, 10 Chl Uhf Bay, 10 Channel Digital Uhf, Digital Microwave System, 30 Chl M/W Bay, 30 Chl M/W System, 30 Chl Pcm Equipment Rack, Dedicated Radio Sys Vhf, Uhf Transmission, 2/15 Share Radio Sysrem, 2/15 Share Radio Sysrem, 2/15 Bsu, 2ghz/2mb Digital M/W System, 2ghz/30chl Digital Radio System, 2ghz/8mb Digital M/W System, Mw 2gc 2mb, Mw Uhf 2mb, Mw Uhf Arm, Uhf Bay, Uhf Radio System, 2/8mb Uhf Bay & 25 Mtr Rf Cable, Uhf Media Eqpt, Uhf Bay, Uhf , Cordect Antenna (Big Size), Remote Terminal Unit, Bimc, Buic, Diu With Cards Pimc, Cordect Bsc (Iti Make), Cordect Antenna (Small Size), Cordect Wll Adoptors, Cordect Wll Antena, Cordect Wll Cable, Cordect Eqpt , Wall Set, Cordect Rbs Ground Units, Cordect Wallsets, Cordect Wall Set, Cordect Charger, Cordect Wall Sets, Cordect Wll Terminal, Frs Cpm Units, Cordect Eqpt Wll Distributor Iti, Cordect Eqpt Wll Distributor Iti, 4/36 Marr Equipment, 4/36 Marr Rsu, 4/36 Marr Rsu, 4/36 Marr Bsu, 4/36 Marr Bay, Marr Sys Rsu, Marr Remote Station Unit, Marr Base Station Unit, Marr Bsu Tx Rx If Cards, Marr Antenna Clays, Marr Antenna, Marr Battery Charger, 4/36 Marr Base Station Unit, 4/36 Marr Base Station Unit, Remote Subs Unit Marr, Marr Eqpt, 4/36 Marr Utrs Base Station, Yagi Marr Antenna Withrfcable 50mtr, Pair Gainer, Utl Marr Rsu Units, 100 A Power Plant Smps Module, 100amps Power Plant Modules Uptron, 25 A Power Plant Smps Module, 25 A Smps Module, Power Plant Modules, 25a Power Plant Modules(Xl Telecom), 25a Power Plant Modules(Amaraja), 25a Power Plant Modules(Dacs), 25a Power Plant W/Omodules(Dyna), 25a Power Plant Modules(Dyna), 25a Power Plant Modules(Iti), 25a/ 50v Pp Modules, 100a Pp Modules, 25a Powerplant Modules, 25a P/P Modules , 100a Smps Powerplant Modules, 100a Power Plant Sub Units Modules, 100a Iti Modules, 25a Powerplant Milt, Powerplant 25a (W/O Modules), Powerplant Rack With 2 Modules, Smps Power Plant With (4+3) Modules, 100a X5 Power Plant, 48v/25a Rectifier, 100a X 4 Powerplant Rax With Module, 100a Power Plant Rack, 100a Power Plant Rack(Iti), 100a Smps Power Plant Rack, 25a Power Plant Rack, 25a Power Plant Rack, 25a Power Plant Rack, 25a Power Plant Rack, Power Plant 25a (W/O Modules), Power Plant 25a(W/O Modules, Power Plant 25a, 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack, 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack(Dacs), 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack(Dyna), 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack, 25a/50v Smps Power Plant Rack, Conventional Power Plant, 25a Powerplant Modules, 12a/50v Powerplant Conventional, 12a/50v Powerplant Conventional, 12a/50v Powerplant Conventional, 12a/50v Powerplant Conven | Due on 25-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10595643
8 Sale/Dismantling Of Old/Obsolete Scrap - Air Separation Plant- Pure Nitrogen Gas Holder, Weighing Cum Tipping Machine, Bag Stitching Machine(Double Headed), Asu (1.60) & Argon Recovery Unit Consisting Of, Following Items- Air Evaporator, Lower Column, Upper Column, Raw Arqon Column, Pure Arqon Column, Electric Nitrogen Heater Steam Heater ,Oxygen Regenerator, Nitrogen Regenerator, Main Condenser, Auxiliary Condenser, Pure Nitrogen Exchanger, Pure Nitrogen Exchanger, Direct Cooler, Argon-Argon Exchanger, Waste Nitrogen Exchange ,Adsorber Of Enriched Liquids, Main Hydrogen Adsorber ,Adsorber Of Auxiliary Condenser ,Fan For Air Perlite Mixuse, Water Separator, Suction Fan, Air Compressor, Steam Turbine For Air Compressor ,Expansion Turbine, Perlite Expansion ,Lnw Section (1.33) - K1 Wash Column ,P Exchanger ,N2 Exchanger, N2 Exchanger, N2 Exchanger ,N2 Exchanger, Expansion Turbine, N2 Compressors ,Feed Gas Absorption Vessels ,Filters ,Filters, Electric Heater, Nitrogen Drying Vessels ,Methanol Storage Tank ,Liquid Fuel Gas Tank, Tail Gas Blower, Air Fan, Wash Pump Asu (1.60) & Argon Recovery Unit- Spray Cooler For Air, Nitrogen Evaporating Waqter Cooler, Oxygen Mixing Evaporator ,Air Receiver, Water Separator, Noise Suppressor, Circulating Water Pump For Air Filter, Circulating Water Pump, Nitrogen Blower, Filter, Argon Gas Compressor, Cooler Of Raw Argon, Pure Argon Heat Exchanger, Electric Heater, Reactor, Compressor House - 2- Steam Release Tank,, Security Oil Tank, Oil Gravity Tank, Steam Release Tank, Steam Silencer, Air Compressor Ac I & Ii-Turbine Rotor -4749,Turbine Rotor -870, Turbine Stator, L.P. Rotor, H.P. Rotor, H.P. Casing, Complete Gear Box, Nitrogen Compressor I& Ii- L.P. Rotor, H.P. Rotor, L.P. Gear Box, H.P. Gear Box, A.S.U. Expansion Turbine- Complete Gear,,, Box, Ammonia Plant- Oil Centrifuge , Usha Telehoist Pump For Water Jet, Ammonia Cooling Tower Pump, Emergency Cooling Tower Pump Recovery Pump, Recovery Pump, Recovery Pump, Argon Gas Compressor, Spray Cooling Pump, Nitrogen Blower, Liquid Argon Pump, Separator, Liquid Argon Storage Tank, , Ammonia Static Equipment- Coal Preparation-, L.D.O., Tank, L.P.G. Storage Tank, Product Bin / Coal Dust Bunker , (I) Retainer , (Ii) Cast Aluminium Ventury, Air Reciever, Surge Vessel, Gasification- Gasifiers, Waste Heat Boiler ,Service Bunker, Feed Bunker, Cooling Washer, Water Separator, Steam Separator, Nitrogen Pressure Vessel , Boiler Drum For Jacket Boiler, Overhead Water Tank, Inst. Air Receiver, Blow Down Tank, Seal Shaft Under Waste Heat Boiler, Flare Seal Pot, Seal Pot For Purging N2 (Whb), Seal Pot For Purging N2 (Esp), Safety Seal Pot (Esp Filter Top), Safety Seal Pot For Raw Gas Blower, Drinage Pot, Seal Pot For Bunker (Pressure Retainers), Flare Stack, Deaerator Cum Storage Tank, Flash Tank, Tsp Dozing Tank, Boiler Feed Water Pump, Hydrazine Dozing, Inst. Air Receiver, Inst. Air Dryer Unit(Old) &Inst.Air Heater, Inst Air Dryer Unit(New) &Dryer Cooler, N2 Storage Vessel, Vertical Tank, Horizontal Tank, Chemical Dozing Tank, Drier Unit, Mixing Nozzle, Silencer, Oxygen Suction Filter, By Pass With Jacket Gasifier, Primary & Secondary Esp, Raw Gas Holder, Oxygen Preheater, Double Screw Conveyor With Piv Gear Box & Level Paddle, &, Item1.1, Coal Dust Feeder(Baily Feeder)With Gear Box, Ash Extractor With Gear Box, Sludge Scraper With Lt & Ht Gear Box, Eot Crane For O2 Compressor, O2 Compressor ,Hot Wash Water Pump, Cold Wash Water Pump, Raw Gas Blower, H.P.B.F.W. Pump & Turbine, Disintegrators, L.P.B.F.W. Pump & Turbine, Quench Water Pump, Flushing Water Pump, Instrument Air Compressor, Nitrogen Compressor, Ash Slurry Pump, Service Air Compressor, Hydrazin Dosing Unit (1 Tank & 2 Pump, Inst. Air Blower, Submersible Pump, Tsp Dosing Pump, Sealing Water Pump, Coal Preparation Plant- Ball Mill With Accessories , Screw Conveyor, Coal Feeder, Lime Stone Feeder , Varimesh Classifier, Mill Exhauster, Lifting Tackles, Cyclone Separator, Hot Air Generator, Tail Gas Burner, Oil Burner, Fuel Oil Pump , Rotary Air Blower, Combustion Air Blower, Vent Blower, Bag Type Dust Collector, Vent Dust Collector, Pnumatic Feeder, Service Boiler And Its Accessories (Sgp) Supplied By Bhel- , Service Boiler Including Pr. Parts, Boiler Drums, Air Heater Etc., Boiler Feed Water Pump(Motor Driven), Boiler Feed Water Pumps (Turbo Driven) Alongwith Turbine, Induced Draft Fan (Id Fans), Forced Draft Fans (Fd Fans), Condensate Pump, Ldo Pump, Fo/Lshs Pump, Lp Dosing Pump, Hp Dosing Pump, Raw Coal Pump, Ignitor Fans, Flue Gas Exit Damper, Scanner Air Fan, Shut Off Dampers, Fd Fans Outlet Dampers, Boiler Auxilary Air Dampers, Dearator, Feed Water Storage Tank, Fq/Lshs Heaters, Soot Blowers, Lp Dosing Tank, Hp Dosing Tank, Ms Stove Valve, Supplied By Others- Fuel Oil Storage Tank, Ldo Storage Tank, Hfo Storage Tank, Light Fuel Oil Day Tank, Heavy Fuel Oil Day Tank, Electro Static Precipitator, Fuel Oil Receipt & Supply Pump, Fuel Oil Supply Pump To Plant, Raw Water Pump & | Due on 09-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 10346843
9 Value: INR 750 Million | Appointment of Consultant for Detail project report for Integrated road development project, Solid waste management fogging management, Road sweeping machine paste control equipment, Municipal staff quarter under Shrama safalya.(Scanned Image - Marathi Tender) | Due on 22-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Railways Transport Services | Punjab | TID: 10521533
10 Value: INR 44.46 Million (approx.) | Cleaning of Bogies by Machine. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender) | Due on 05-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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