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Water Storage and Supply | Punjab | TID: 14745202
1 Value: INR 38.74 Million approx. / 3.87 Crore approx. | Providing Sewerage Scheme In Mohalla Chachoki Near Urban Estate Part I And Mohalla Gobindpura On Khera Road Part II At Phagwara Distt..
Providing, Laying, Jointing, Cutting And Testing Of S.W R.C.C. NP 3 Pipe With HDPE Lining, Thursting Of MS Pipe For Laying 600mm Id RCC NP3 Pipe With HDPE Lining, Construction Of Manhole Chambers, RCC Vent Shaft And All Other Works Contingent Thereto In Mohalla Chachoki Near Urban Estate At Phagwara.
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Municipal Corporations | Haryana | TID: 14753952
2 Value: INR 37.97 Million approx. / 3.79 Crore approx. | Arrangement of Master Sewerage Scheme.
Lowering, Cutting, Jointing Arrangement of S.S. & RCC NP-4 Pipe.
Construction of RCC Manholes & etc. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
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Railways Transport Services | Multi State | TID: 14606533
3 Value: INR 28.13 Million approx. / 2.81 Crore approx. |
1. Replacement of existing 50 unis Sub Standard/Worn Out Staff quarters of Block No. OH 157/9. 135/1. 123/ 10. OH 164/4. E-12l14. OH. 73/4, OH 67/4 & OH 68/4 with Std. Type-II Double Storey staff quarters .
2. Construction of new RCC Box Bridge No. 296 - 8 (SPAN 1 x 1000 x 1350) at KM 261.112 for MC Sadar Zone Section in the section.
3. Laying of 800 mm dia Ductile Iron Class K-9 pipes through 1100 mm dia MS. Encasing pipe passing through 1300 mm dia MS. Casing pipe under railway track/land near KM 112.243. (ii) Laying of 8oomm dia Ductile iron Class K-9 pipes through 1000mm MS. encashing pipe passing through 1200 mm dia M.S. casing pipe under railway track/land near KM 90/10-11 in the section of SSE/W/SAG (iii) Laying of 400 mm dia DI sewerage pipe (K-9) through 600 mm MS. Encasing pipe & 800 mm M.S. Casing pipe under railway track/land for Punjab Water supply & Sewerage Board, Divn. At KM. 44.02 nearinng No. 41 in the section of under for Punjab Water supply 8. Sewerage Board.
4. Provision of Car Parking at old Mall Godown at Shimla, Construction of Type-ll quarter for Care Taker & One room workshop (1 2x1 4) at 88M, Covering of Waiting hall, Replacement to Platform Surface of Passenger Platform No. 1 & 2 with Kota Stone etc. at Balance work of replacement of 2000 Ltrs Steel Tank with 2000 Ltrs. PVC Tanks in Gang Quarters in the section
5. Dismantling of abandoned structures at per Tender Schedule in the section. (ii) Construction of Paoca road at Khanaiampura yard.
6. Hiring of Multi Utility vehicle for day to day Track maintenance/Renewal in the section of SSE.
Construction of Linen room and one J.E. Office size 16 x 20 feet each at Kalka, (ii) improvement to flooring by vacuum dewatering and hardonite flooring in different shop, repair to broken false ceiling, replacement of flooring tiles with V.tiles ofAdmn. Block in Kalka workshop, (iii) Provision of water hydrants at fueling point near- diesel shed & inside of N.G workshop at Kalka, (iv) Renovation & Reconstruction of office & store of SSE/RWay and SSEIW/Kalka. (v) Balance work of Augmentation of water supply atKalkaby installing one number tube well at Pinjor, (vi) Repair to roof sheet. false ceiling, flooring. doors & windows, boundary wall and other misc. works in Railway institute, Miscellaneous repair in old officers rest house and Recoupment of Manson reserve at Kalka (vii) Provision of RCC Boundary wail between KM. 45.800 to 46.800 on section in the section.
8. Dismantling of Abandoned structures at per Tender Schedule in the section.
9. Replacement of quarters Block NO. T-2A, L-2, L-I, T-ZB, S-2, L-53 (Total 15 units) at (ii) Replacement of gang quarters of gang No. 59. Block T-7, P-10 (15 units) in the section of SSE/W/Sirhind (iii) Provision of 8 units Type-ll quarters for LR 8 RG gate keeper at Govindgarh. Khanna, Chawapail 8. Doraha station. (iv) Provision of 2 units Type-Ill quarters for P.Way 8 Works at Station (v) Replacement of doors 8 windows in staff quarters in the section of SSE/W/. (vi) Provision of Boundary wall/Fencing to prevent encroachment on Rly. Land under ADEN/Sirhind. (vii) Opening of Booking window at 2nd entry at station (viii) Improvement to Toilets at Stations.
10 Hiring of Multi-Utility vehicle for leading of P. Way material and machinery from station to station including block section for day to day track work in the section.
11. Replacement of Steel over head mnk No. 2 with RCC water storage overhead Tank of 50.000 Gallons capacity with 20 Mtrs. High smging in Railway Colony.
12 Dismantling ofAbandoned structures.
Construction of Railway Auditorium at Cantt. Station under ADEN.
13. Provision of Additional Benches in Gents 8 Ladies Waiting Rooms at Station, Recoupment of Monsoon Reserve, Construction of RCC Boundary wall between KM 260/4-6 to 260120-24, 263/23-25, 260/27-29, PRS Office to Kali Platoon Bridge along G.T. Road, Level Crossing NO. 103 to SSE/PWay Office, Relay Hut No.2 to BCN Depot, UP Line Near Power Cabin, UP Line near Kali Platoon Bridge in the section of Balance work for construction of two units Type-IV and 04 Units Type-Ill quarters for Incharges and Supervisors or Depot in Rail Vihar Colony.
Heavy Repairs to Staff quarters or Central Colony in old Railway Colony at in the section.
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Railways Transport Services | Maharashtra | TID: 14647218
4 Value: INR 14.36 Million approx. / 1.43 Crore approx. | TNA-KYN Rebuilding Of Existing 2/0.76 M Stone Top Bridge No.43/3 At Km 43/13-14 By Providing 1/180 Mm Dia RCC Pipe By Micro Tunneling On TNA-KYN Section. | Due on 20-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Haryana | TID: 14739412
5 Value: INR 11.93 Million / 1.19 Crore approx. | Estimate for the construction of 7.00 MLD STP based on SBR Technology in lieu of existing 3 MID STP Based on WSP Technology. Laying of sewer Lines in recently approved colonies and Construction of Boundary Wall at Gharaunda Town. Providing, Laying, Jointing, Cutting, S.W. Pipe sewer. construction ofmanholes chamber & all other works contingent thereto.
Shifting of sewer lines and water supply line at Railway under pass for Malikpur & Phurlak Road in Gharaunda Town, (Under deposit work) Providing, Laying, jointing, cutting, S.W. Pipe 200 mm i/d RCC pipe & NP3 500 mm i/d Malikpur & Phurlak Road in Gharaunda Town (New under pass and under Deposit work).
| Due on 10-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Civil Works | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 14786645
6 Value: INR 6.91 Million approx. / 69.15 Lakh | Restoration/ Upgradation Of Kralpora Wapalpora, Tanghar, Chattergam By Way Of Providing/ Laying Of Wet Mix, 50mm Thick Bituminous Macadam 25mm Thick Semidense With Seal Coat Machine Mix To Be Laid With Paver. And P/L Of RCC Spun Pipes. | Due on 05-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Canal/Irrigation Work | Himachal Pradesh | TID: 14792107
7 Value: INR 6.23 Million approx. / 62.32 Lakh approx. | Providing and Installation of India Mark-III (65mm dia)India Mark-II (32mm dia) India Mark-II deep Well Hand Pump in Karsog.
.Total hand pump ,Drilling by DTH/ODEX Rigs at Various Places.
Reviva/Washing of Existing Hot Water bore well at Tattapani in GP Tattapani in GP.
Drilling,Lowering of Assembly and develop Bore well 90mtrs deep.
Providing of Lower Water Supply Scheme parlog to Mahunag Behilidhar in Tehsil Karsog.
Construction of RCC Sed. Tank of 25000 ltrs Capacity,RCC Filter bed ,Storage Tank,PCC Main Channel.
remodeling og LIS Shakra in GP Shakra Tehsil karsog,Outlet Min and Field distribution System ,Nallah Crossing between Road.
Providing,laying, Jointing and Testing trenches RCC Pipe 350 mm dia.
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Maharashtra | TID: 14749535
8 Value: INR 5.66 Million approx. / 56.68 Lakh | Construction Of D.I. Pipe Aqueduct Instead Of Proposed Rcc Box Througt Over Constructed RCC Pipes Cap On M3 Minor Rd 500 M Of Of Lodha Sitapar Lift Irrigation Scheme, Tah. Ramtek, Dist. | Due on 03-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Municipal Corporations | Tamil Nadu | TID: 14779305
9 Value: INR 4 Million / 40 Lakh | Replacing The Existing Damaged Rcc Hume Pipe And Reconstruction of Chambers at Big Bazaar Street From Good Shed Road To Vincent Road In Ward No 81. | Due on 05-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Municipal Corporations | Tamil Nadu | TID: 14779312
10 Value: INR 3.90 Million / 39 Lakh | Replacing the existing damaged RCC hume pipe and reconstruction of chambers at Krishnasamy road from NTC mill to south in ward no.25 Roc No. 4127/2015/MD5. | Due on 05-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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